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An Indians grief

Once the birds and the beasts asked an Indian Aztec 

-Why are you so sad? What do you want? Just ask, we will give you everything

Indian said

- I want to be happy

An owl said.

-And what is happiness? Ask for something else.

-I want to be beautiful

The hawk said.

-You will be as beautiful as I am.

-I want to be strong.

The jaguar said.

-You will be as strong as I am.

-I want to be cunning.

The fox said.

-You will be as cunning as I am.

-I want to climb up the trees swiftly.

The squirrel said.

-You will be as dodgy as I am

-I want to see in the darkness

-You will be as sharp-sighted as I am.

- I want to walk without getting tired.

The deer said

-You will be as resistant as I am.

-I want to predict floods. 

The nightingale said.

-I'll warn you with my song

-I want to differentiate the remedy flowers

The snake said

- O, I'll teach you, I know all the qualities of grass, don't I?

So he received all that he wanted, but happiness.

But the owl said

-Soon the Indian will know many things will be able to do everything.

And the bird Chachalaka screamed

- And then he will never be sad any longer.

Translated by English Club members:

Mariam Mirzoyan

Nare Hovhannisyan

10 grade


We speak about love

  Love, you embrace only three letters, but you hold so much feeling accumulated in you, to understand what love is everybody is given sense of love. It makes no difference what age we are when we love first, or how long our love lasts. It is important to realize that you love and are loved. When you love you don’t realize how you suddenly find yourself in a fairy world, where everything is fantastic: your surroundings, your environment, and everything that is going on around you are incredible. Even your thoughts seem to be fairy. You seem to wear colorful eyeglasses, and even bad and sinister things around you can’t be taken in the right sense, and you are unable to do it. Your thoughts seem to have wings, and you are simply flying to the world of your dreams. You seem to be lost in your fairly created thoughts. And when you suddenly return to this world, only then you find out how far you had gone off your real world. You feel like sleeping all that time, and having a miraculous dream about a miraculous world.

Written by Nelly Gspoyan

Translated by English Club member Nare Hovhannisyan


I remember

I remember that sad evening of the winter embracing my soul. The chilly wind was inviting me to dance, I don’t know how he could guess I would, but he did know. The scenery was ready and audience had disappeared behind the sun rays. Taking advantage of the empty streets I accepted it’s the tempting proposal of the wind. Being haunted by the sounds of the melody I mechanically directed my steps in the direction of the source where the melody was conceived. There another staged dance appeared before my eyes. Sitting on one of the empty benches I became the only spectator. His bare feet seemed to be molded with the icy stage and his ragged clothes hardly covered his naked body and his gaze was fixed on the only sparkling star in the sky. A few ice-cold tears were glittering on his cheek cracked by the cold. And just it was there, in that tear that I could find a story about him and me, then following his gaze I fixed my eyes on the same store. I realized then that you’re with me and mine forever…
Mariam Engibaryan, Grade  12-3

Translated by English club member – Mariam Mirzoyan – 10-1 class


Universe is perfect

Universe is perfect, Isn't It. Now let me prove it. Everybody knows that our solar system is the place where life was originated. But don’t you think that life is not the only thing to interest us. I’ll tell you about one of our neighbors called Saturn.. Everybody knows the beauty with its fascinating links of its crown. Do you know what are those links made of?  You will fail to find such similar any other links made of icicles, yes, I say icicles which are the result of frozen water. This ice always remains pure.  What causes such result, how does it maintain its solid quality and glamour of such gigantic and natural structure like it? Actually it is the power of gravitation that provides it that quality. Hope you know that Universe is covered with dust. This dust is to cover those objects in space which lack atmosphere. These icicles always collide with one another which consequently give rise to concussion hindering the dust settle on them, in this way reflection of great amount of light is provided. Sizes of those circuits in the Solar system are equal that of the thinness of sheet of paper. This gaseous giant comprises a lot of mysteries in it which leaves a lot for the scientists to explore.  Didn’t it provoke interest in you? Aren’t you fascinated with the perfectness and the precise disposition of the objects in the Universe. If yes, you may follow further articles on the subject –matter.

 Gharibyan Vahe Grade 10-3

 Translated by English club members Tatevik Vanyan, Emma Safaryan and Nana Dashyan     


After Having Read the Short Stories 

By Leonid Yengibaryan

 Now I’m trying to put to paper my impressions, my own opinion and considerations about them. These stories describe different people of different professions, different age and different events that are happening around them. Nearly all of them have the same subtext in their lines, that is the attention towards one another we fail to show and also it speaks about love in general in all it’s display. The characters in them are people who are nearly ignored by the society who suffer from lack of love and attention.  In one of the stories I read about a pickpocket who is thought to have everything but love, so important for him. In one of his lines it becomes clear that, “I’m rich and happy, almost happy, only alas nobody has a heart in his pocket. I wish they had.” He says.

The author’s stories are sad and romantic. May be it characterizes the writer’s emotional state. We may think that he has also been ignored by the society, and his love might also have been ignored. In spite of all these he frankly loved people. We infer this after reading his story “The

Girl Who Could Fly.” In that story the hero encourages the girl to fly, convincing her not to be afraid of dying as she held two hearts in her, one of them was the one her mother had given her 19 years before, and that was because her mother had been able to love.  He asked her not to laugh at what he said as it was too hard to love. The other heart she had was the one he had rendered her. “Keep my crazy heart with you and not be afraid of anything. If suddenly one of them stops beating the other will keep beating.

His writings seem to be of yellow, red and purple color. Perhaps blue, as peace dominates there and the blue color symbolizes peace, or may be black. Summing up I should add  that his stories helped me to remember those who are isolated from the society and need care attention and love. They are people, as Yengibaryan stated, who will become future Mozarts, and our indifferent behavior to them prevents from being Mozarts.

Vika Markosyan, Grade 10-2 

Translated by English Club members Gohar Simonyan, Milena Hambardzumyan and Kristine Melqonyan.


“The Armenian” by Derenik  Demirchyan or 

“the Armenian’ as to me

Does the word “the Armenian” mean anything to you?
“Certainly, we do. Simply we must, as we are Armenian too, somewhat strange and mysterious. Hens I am able to explain every of their step done. They say people have phobia for time  and what do you think since when time has originated, may be since  Pyramids were built in Egypt? , you should afraid of Armenians, yes of Armenians. They have existed since ancient times, been everywhere. And they still exist having survived in spite of tribulations. And all these haven’t been done in vain, have it?   Armenians can create, give birth the next generation, also can destroy and defeat those who dare oppose, at the same time give a hand to their allies. And what comes of it? What are the characteristic features of our people.  We  may conclude that this nation is made of contrasts, mayn't we?

They live everywhere, get adapted to local difficulties, start creative work and condescend to the local law and order. Are we so nave  May be. He is free to do everything he thinks possible suffering from its consequences at the same time. Are Armenian free enough to do anything imaginable?

Usually people try to solve their problems but Armenian, along with those create new ones set things right. Tell me please, can we consider ourselves to be creative people in this concern? – May be.

May be our nature drives us to do incredible things, doesn't it? May be.

I may know who Armenians are or I may not.  Well, I think I know as  I’m an Armenian too. So strange and mysterious.

Tamara Stepanyan, Grade 10-3 

Translated by English Club members Gohar Simonyan, Milena Hambardzumyan and Kristine Melqonyan.


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